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Peace and Justice Committee


Residence – 905 Elmira Av. Durham NC 27707

Jose Delgado Arroyo a member of the community of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill NC, a business owner in Durham NC a husband and father to 5 American born children was taken to an ICE detention center in South Carolina a week ago to face imminent deportation. We call on ICE to rescind the deportation order as we believe it to be legally wrong, cruel, uncaring and irresponsible to allow this deportation to stand. Jose Delgado, having been brought here as a child, has been a productive member of society and conducted himself with the full awareness of the U.S. Government. He has no criminal record and was the victim of an immigration lawyer’s misinformation at a hearing on Jose’s immigration status.

If this deportation order is allowed to stand there will be irreparable damage done to him, his wife, his 5 US children and the communities in which he is active. It will cause great suffering for those most directly affected and will leave 5 American children with no one to provide for them.

(Please call ICE at 803 818-6588 to ask that he be released and given a fair trial.)

You can also write to or contact on Facebook:

Representative G.K. Butterfield 2741 Campus Walk Av. Bldg 400, Suite 300 Durham NC 27705

Phone: 919 908-0164

THIS IS URGENT. Thank you for helping Jose


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