What is Meeting for Worship?

Meeting for Worship is the heart of our Quaker community. The Chapel Hill Friends Meeting is of the Quaker unprogrammed tradition, meaning that we gather in silence and "expectant waiting for divine guidance", without clergy or liturgy. Together we nurture a living silence, with quiet minds and open hearts, creating a space within ourselves for spiritual revelation.

More information is available in the following videos:
The Challenge of Sitting in Silence - Sitting in Quaker worship is a different experience for many people. During this time we look inward to our Inner Light (God, Spirit, Inner Teacher, etc.) for revelation. This video shares an overview of our practice of sitting in silence. (6.08min)

Quakers and the Inner Light - Quakers are a spiritually diverse group of folks. While we have many different perspectives on God and the Divine, a common belief is in the Inner Light. In this video, Quakers describe what the Inner Light is and their experience of it. (6.41min)
The Gathered Meeting - What are Quakers trying to achieve when sitting together in silence? This video shares some thoughts about this question. (6.20min)
(don't worry that this is Pt. 3)
What's the Difference Between "Programmed" and "Unprogrammed" Quaker Worship - When Quakers say their worship service is "programmed" or "unprogrammed", what do they mean? (7.23min)