Chapel Hill Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

531 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

We joyfully embrace the full spectrum of the light within, made visible through the participation of people of all beliefs, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities and races, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Who to contact with various questions/concerns/comments.....

I have an idea; how best to bring it to Meeting
Clerk of Meeting ( or appropriate committee

I'm interested in joining a committee
Nominations committee (

I have an idea for a Forum
Adult Religious Education committee (

I have a desire for Clearness for Marriage or need a clearness or support committee for a personal issue
Care and Counsel ()

I can't get into the Meeting House or the Schoolhouse
Buildings and Grounds committee ( or Resident (

I have a problem with one of the buildings
Buildings and Grounds committee ( or Resident (

I have questions about Quakerism
Ministry and Worship committee (

I'm considering becoming a member
Ministry and Worship committee (

I'm requesting membership
Letter to Clerk of Meeting (

I'd like to make a donation or to get a tax receipt
Finance committee (

I need a travelling minute, a letter of introduction, or a letter of transfer
Clerk of Meeting (

I'd like to undertake some Quaker service (e.g. FCNL, AFSC, QEW) and need some financial help for travel
Peace and Justice committee (

I'd like some spiritual or leadership development and need some financial help
Shotts/ Leadership committee (

I have a short term request for food or visitation
Hospitality committee (

I need to report the death, injury or illness of a Meeting member/attender
Clerk of Meeting ( or Clerk of Care and Counsel (
Publications and Communications committee for In The Light IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION (

I have some information I would like to get out to the Meeting
Publications and Records committee ( for newsletter, listserv, In The Light, and webpage

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Faith and Practice Documents
Quakerism 101
Rent Our Facilities
Map to Meeting
Information for Conscientious Objectors
Guidelines for Committee Clerks
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